CHANEL Gabrielle

Is there a gap between high imitation and authentic Chanel Gabrielle?

The Chanel Gabrielle handbag collection has been a hit in the entertainment industry since 2017. I am not writing this article to support knockoff. But simply want people to know,why some high imitation dare to sell 1709.00 dollar, some sell 40.00 dollar.

Representative of Gabrielle: God is my strength, my holy heroine. Gabrielle Chanel spent her whole life making women more powerful and independent of men. Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingine and Caroline de Maigret were brought together by Chanel’s chief collaborators, known as Gabrielle. After 4 spokesmen, China became an all-star IT bag overnight. 17-18 years Gabrielle has become a mainstay of Chanel classic popular style.

It’s important for me to talk to you about this category, because this category is still graded. Buy versChanel Gabrielle is very popular, of course, high copy version of Gabrielle market demand will not be bad! Because everyone’s consumption ability is different, the requirements of quality will also have high and low points, so the high copy market versions are very popular. Insiders reveal that high imitation exists because many people cannot afford to buy luxury bags costing a few thousand dollars.

High imitation if you want the fake to look real, is bound to be the need to purchase genuine products to do samples. Many small manufacturers in order to control costs, will not buy genuine products used as a model. Basic is to see the picture production, this kind of goods on the basic low-end sales channels.

Of course, there will also be large factories to copy this bag, high imitation market or there are more people demand top quality bags, buy genuine version, sample. This kind of basic agent is taken to sell at a high price.

ion does not necessarily do well. Why, because a bag, edition bought back, at most can assure package model pair edition, color difference pair edition, hardware also pair edition, but!

The supplier of Chanel

The leather of a bag is deeply learned! For example, each brand has its own unique leather suppliers. Take Chanel, the most famous is HAAS in France, in addition to eight or nine leather factories. Hermes uses French HCP for crocodile skin. Gabrielle is a sheep skin from Montebello, Italy. The same wrapping body first don’t say, first say the bottom shell, look at the picture.

This is the real original shell leather, the top 1 represents the first class leather, the original leather is still divided into many levels. And the difference between domestic leather is very big, the production process is not the same is certain.

Followed by the original leather can be stretched degree is not ordinary leather comparable.There’s a lot to be said for this year’s the gradient series and the difference between a machine spray and a hand spray.

Gabrielle’s hardware was antique gold, antique silver and bright silver. The first genuine hardware is electroplating old effect. It’s also oxidized with an inert gas, so it looks old but doesn’t fade easily.

There is a point that the layman is easy to overlook, that is the hardware is actually 99.9999K gold oxidation for the copper embryo composite aluminum plating. The feeling of matte doing old is especially obvious in CHANEL logo. Can of course leather makings and hardware accomplish such already calculate actually is the high-quality goods in tall copy. If you think there are only two parts to a bag, you are wrong.

In addition to what you see, there is also what you do not see! Like the inside of a bag. Gabrielle used SerafL Italian cotton thread made for CHANEL. The leather border of the bag is Mando waterborne oil.

Gabrielle must be using glue. The quality of commercially available glue varies. The orthodox is certainly odorless non-toxic French imported water based white glue water based blue.

Beyond that are experienced craftsmen. I’m sure THERE are some things I missed. However can achieve the bag that I say these points, go in and out genuine shop is absolutely won’t have any problem. Can have the strength to complete such a bag of domestic manufacturers are also countable.

Those who make bags with real heart will earnestly imitate every detail. From the leather to accessories any small place will do the same as authentic. But there are too few manufacturers that can actually do this, and retail is almost non-existent.

At the same time, I do not deny the possibility of the existence of original and tail orders, but basically the world’s top brands will not exist. Specifically if you are interested in the top version of Chanel Gabrielle. Please add our customer service Wechat :Zoey__1112 or Whatsapp:+8613966264753 If you have Wechat you can scan the QR code below.

In short, I hope that every penny you spend is worth it. You may not know whether a bag is made well, but that always have people who know.


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