What are the classic styles of CHANEL? CHANEL bag skin material popular science

When it comes to CHANEL, I think the first impression in everyone’s mind is: expensive. Many of CHANEL’s famous styles are made of sheepskin. Sheepskin bags have a short life and need good care. The Classic Flap Bag and Wallet On Chain are both sheepskin models, followed by caviar.

CHANEL has added more elements to its new collection in recent years, customers can choose materials other than sheepskin. Such as weaving, rhinestones, crocodiles, PVC and other fashion styles. The bag that has been popular for two years recently has become a new classic after CF and 2.55, and other fashionable styles are also very novel.

There are so many CHANEL bags that are hard to choose, so how do we choose the one that suits us best? Which is the most enduring? What’s the difference in leather for each classic? What kind of material bag is most durable? The following is a detailed explanation for you.


 CHANEL’s most worthy bag

There are many popular CHANEL styles. In recent years the most popular is Gabrielle. From black and white classic, to solid color, to gradient, to glitter, to gold crocodile print. This bag is sold out every time a new color comes out. The fervor can be imagined .

In addition to the halo designed by Karl Lagerfeld, it has a neutral yet elegant appearance! Gabrielle didn’t look good at first sight, but that was her charm. She was low-key and luxurious and the more she looked the better she looked.

Gabrielle not only has the thin chain element inherited from the classic 2.55 bag, but also has an adjustable shoulder strap with gold and silver double leather chain straps. It can be carried not only on one shoulder but also crossbody . Gabrielle is the most girl’s dream! Practical versatile, good maintenance.

When it comes to the most worthwhile style to buy, in addition to the recent two years very hot Gabrielle, it has to mention CHANEL’s Wallet On Chain entry bag. It’s a small one with an amazing capacity and a very affordable price. In a sense, Wallet On Chain is the first of its kind and the king of Chain bags.


Wallet On Chain

Although Wallet On Chain the capacity is not as good as big bag, but very practical . It is absolutely must buy goods. With the popularity of Mini bags, brands are making them smaller and smaller. All the way from mini to Micro, can only be decoration, even things can not put.

By comparison, WOC is definitely a practical and beautiful package! The interior space is enough, there are two internal interlayers, and there are many places to place cards. The iconic rhombus and double C are as many. The key point is the high cost performance, which has become the favorite of stars and bloggers.


Classic Flap Bag

Next on the must-buy list is the CHANEL CF collection.  CF=Classic Flap Bag , any girl will know this Bag. Even if you don’t know it is full name, you will have seen it before.

If Wallet On Chain is the entry level, the Classic Flap Bag is a collectible Bag. Whether you’re on a date, at work, at a Party or in a hurry to get out of the house, CF can’t go wrong! It’s really a must-have style.

Which bag is the most worthy to buy? CHANEL2.55 is the one of the best bags . This bag will make you a fashionista in no time! Lafayette designed one of the first! A timeless classic!

We always confuse CF with 2.55 because they are the most difficult to buy. And the same counter can rarely see two items are available at the same time. Not to mention on sale, you’re lucky to get one.

In comparison: CF is more delicate! Classic CF is usually made of lambskin. The classic 2.55 comes in classic Italian calfskin. And up to now, only CHANEL can achieve such a pleated retro feel through traditional hand-washed practices ~ leading the pack




CHANEL Coco Handel

When it comes to coco Handle, there are really two words: Buy it. You really don’t need a reason to buy this one! In the Chanel family, Coco will always be the classic, but also the most difficult to buy.

Although the picture sent here is just a simple real shot, but that kind of texture is self-evident. By adding coco before handle, the status of this model has completely surpassed 2.55 and CF. From the difficulty of purchasing, it is easy to see how popular handle is.




In the Chanel family, if CF is compared to a gentle lady, that Le Boy is a cool motorcycle girl, completely two styles, are always hot on the counter series. But you can’t necessarily see them in the same counter.

The V-Le Boy is 17 years after the super hot, more stylish. Included in the classic series。As Diamond Quilted classic has the same charm. The essence of needlework remains unchanged. . Chanel is extremely strict on details, every launch of a new style must be boutique. Under the premise of rising prices every year, sales do not decrease. Absolute value preservation collection. Its value goes far beyond the definition of beauty. Art is priceless. Buy is earn!


The top three suppliers of CHANEL

Given the variety of Chanel bags, there are too many leather. Here we talk about the most important Le Boy, CF, and WOC these three classic leather. Their main materials come from three major suppliers: GR, INCAS and HAAS.

Here is a special point, CHANEL this brand, its own caviar cooperation skin factory 3-5! Leather selection is also the leather factory after the development of the company to screen, color is launched by the quarter!

So the skin of genuine caviar that you see in the counter has at least 6-8 different styles and colors. The skin feels different. That’s why! So there are no two identical bags in the world.

Let’s start with HAAS. They make Chanel cowhide caviar, and they make almost all the caviar bags you buy.

Moving on to sheepskin, each Piece of Chanel leather has a different ID number. In the picture below, you can see the pinhole imprint of the number, which is an identification of the supplier of Chanel packaging material. The picture is the real picture of the imported leather purchased by the factory.


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