Fake bags

The difference between luxury handbags and fake designer bags


Luxury bags are ubiquitous in many cities. Some are from the counter genuine, but more should be from high fake bags.

In recent years, high knockoff bags has been done within a few meters can not be identified as true or false .(except the material is too poor color difference is obvious).

According to a professional eight or nine years of high fake bags insiders revealed, many times he dare not presume to say that someone’s bag is true or false. Let alone the ordinary people who haven’t experience .

Handbags, clothes, watches and other luxury goods, for people without social needs, can not reflect the value of its existence. But if you need to enter the social circle, often need to go in and out of a variety of dinners and social occasions. I believe that many people have experienced how realistic society is.

 What kind of car do you drive, what kind of bag, clothes, shoes,and jewelry do you wear? These are the most intuitive first impression when others contact with you, one of the standards to measure the cost of social .

This article will tell you about some problems related to high-imitation luxury bags, hoping to give most friends who want to buy high-imitation luxury goods some help. List of related issues:


 1.Distinguish high fake bags grade

 2.High knockoff  bags price

 3.How to judge the quality of high replica bags

 4.How to judge highfake bags sellers and ways

 5. There are some problems in the high fakebagsindustry


First of all, let’s look at the grade of high fake bags

There are products with different production costs in the high imitation market, and the quality is not uniform. I believe we should all have a common understanding. Due to the particularity of the industry, an industry insider here has given an industry-recognized standard:



Class name




Manufacturing technique



1. There is no corresponding style for genuine products


2, the genuine product does not have the corresponding size


3,the authentic style color is close, the style is close, but the leather pattern is obviously inconsistent


4. There is only one brand logo for the bag, and everything else is completely different



1, artificial PVC leather


2, inferior two layers of cowhide

1, plastic plating hardware


2, iron sheet and other old metal (easy to rust)


3, aluminum


4. Other low-cost hardware



1. Simple design


2. Ordinary machines and equipment


3. One worker operates multiple links



The service life is very short, the quality is worrying;


It is recommended to buy other small brand products;


Most people recognize that being ridiculed can have a negative impact.


This does not belong to the high imitation category

Top replica

1, each development of a style, there must be a counter to buy or buy genuine bags for disassembly, plate making, so as to achieve 99% of the genuine


2, hardware disassembly by the domestic precision hardware processing plants OEM reverse mold, plate, mass production, material, luster, shape to complete matching


3, the internal logo font according to the genuine product to do the same anti-counterfeiting font


4, hardware screws and other accessories using genuine consistent style (one word, five, six corners, etc.)


5, the same identity code, washing label, QR code (different brands)


6, wire thickness, sewing techniques, anti-counterfeiting wire and other details consistent


7, the pattern is completely consistent with the top and bottom of the left and right symmetry or stitching (specific style specific analysis)



1, the original factory leather supplier


2, Italy imported high-quality cowhide


3, luster, feel completely consistent leather material


4. Import edge sealing oil


5, the same genuine car line

The copper


Copper alloy


All steel (stainless steel)


Specific reference to genuine hardware material and

1, millions of imported machine tools


2. Skilled craftsmen, rich experience and training


3. The division of labor in the assembly line is clear, the complex production link is decomposed into many simple links, and the professional technology is responsible for the professional links


4. Hardware and other precision links shall be delivered to professional precision hardware OEM factories for production


5, multi-link quality control supervision, control the rate of good products


6. Take protective measures to prevent damage to products during production.



1. This kind of bag cannot be identified by an ordinary appraiser


2, some style details do more than genuine products


3, the service life may exceed the genuine product


4, the production cost is high, the ex-factory price is close to the domestic ordinary brands


5, generally applicable to net red when discounted genuine sales, buying real and fake mixed selling, real and fake mixed friends


Then let’s take a look at the prices of different types of knockoff bags.

Because of the particularity of this industry, the information of these products is not transparent, and the way of obtaining information is relatively hidden. So that most people can’t distinguish the grade, quality and approximate price of bags when they buy them.

General high copy bag shipment process is: the factory has a special shipper to provide goods to wholesalers. Wholesalers to supply agents (sometimes there will be the same level between wholesalers, wholesalers to find agents to adjust the situation), agents directly sold to customers or other agents.

 The bags can be sold at a high price. Here is a list of price changes for a standard woman’s bag or man’s messenger bag.


Quality level

Shipper (Average price)

Primary wholesaler

Secondary agent

Triple agent








Not for sale






Not for sale






A few when the genuine discount 3-5 discount






Genuine 4, 5 discount to close to the original price


In this industry, . Many people are profiteering . Let me illustrate the general meaning of the above form, please look at the last row, a top act as purchasing agency version of bag factory price is 1500 RMB.

So a little conscience or wholesalers price may be 1600 RMB. The amount of a little more and want to make the wholesale price is about 1800 RMB. Then the conscience of professional agents may be sold for 1700 RMB. A bit of a pit agent for 3,500RMB. Purchasing broker who mix the real and the fake. Can get 40%, 50% or more off the original product.

There is a problem, when you spend 2000RMB bought a high copy bags. Because you can’t judge this bag belong to what level. So you could spend 2000RMB to find the seller’s common grade, may also find the seller bought a best grade. It is possible that a tertiary level 4 agent undertakes bags. Of course, it is also possible to buy the Guangzhou shipping or wholesaler of the top quality bag!

So on the way to buy bags, I suggest you try to find a suitable and reliable seller. You will save a lot of money if you can find factory direct .



Popularize the problem of judging the quality of a good fake bag

There are many luxury bag brands, and each brand has its own characteristics and anti-counterfeiting logo. Due to the limited space, the following is a simple example. If you want to know more about high fake bags:

1, please check the high fake bags website for more content:高仿包包-58名品baobaoa.com Website with more high fake bags and genuine bag comparison details of the map (only the top version).

2, please check the specific style of the website, each style is accompanied by details (genuine model) display, all styles are top purchase version. By looking at the details of the display, there will be a certain quality identification ability. Click the link to directly access: 奢侈品包包-米兰时尚包包milanshishang.com


How to judge a high-quality LV bag?

 On the size of the plate, plate type plate, lining plate, such as the most basic problems do not do extra explanation (this is necessary).

A, first of all, the color of presbyopia leather material to be positive, can not let A person look false

1.Secondly, LV bag has certain attention to the font, which has certain anti-counterfeiting logo!

The mark:

The lining material difference is more obvious, suede abrasive leather, feel delicate and soft, ordinary anti fur, feel rough and hard, there are more low-end imitation goods for cloth.

Line is also some of the genuine anti-counterfeiting skills, every two needle line between a certain distance, and each – needle will have a significant tilt.

Genuine signs of the letter is relatively light and clear and uniform, ordinary high copy pressure is more deep and because of the size of the letter and difficult to press the depth of different.

The letter A in the genuine sign is bigger than the letter on the side, and the top is formed with A sharp Angle, and the letter R is the last pen

Is close to the entire font, whereas many high copy factories are separate. The upper part of the original letter S arc is obviously less than the lower part of the arc, and the upper and lower parts of the ordinary high imitation goods are equal to the size.

C, the beginning and end of the line of the three needle manual double line

PS: LV bags will have a year mark on the inside (vegetable tanned leather 2*1cm). The rule is probably a six-digit number AB1234, which is not guaranteed to be the same as the original. So too love to drill the friend please give up to buy high copy!

How to judge a high knockoff bags seller is not reliable?

Because of the particularity of the high knockoff bags industry, it is impossible to find sellers of various prices and quality like shopping on Taobao and JD, and there are very few channels for information acquisition.

Many people may only contact one or two sellers, there is no comparison, screening opportunities. Often buy over the bag may not be satisfactory, and may even be fraud.

Now the vast majority of sellers are through Wechat to communicate with buyers one to one. There can be no Taobao, JD buyer comments for your reference.

Perhaps Wechat circle of friends often post transfer screenshots, praise screenshots, express order screenshots. But these are just the sellers themselves to select and send, may also be P picture. So we can’t just take the seller’s side of the story.

First of all, to sellers Wechat circle of friends to do an analysis. If a seller circle of friends has beauty makeup, bags, clothing, weight loss products, beauty and so on what are sold, then you definitely need to see through the 18 line agent. High fake bags industry water so deep, 18 line small agent can understand what?

In high copy on the market, bags and belts in separate leather industry area, watch for single industry area, shoes, clothes, is also a separate industrial district into individual industrial district.

So beautiful makeup, slimming products, more rare overlap with bag industry, so a seller friend circle involves the product category, the more the more impossible. Under normal circumstances, professional bag sellers will only focus on the leather industry!

Secondly, by observing the seller’s Wechat moments of product pictures,. We can see whether the quality of a seller’s product is reliable. Is it a fake? Is it a copycat version?

Can refer to the brand’s official website or 米兰时尚包包网pictures for comparison! Then through the communication with the seller. If a seller of the same bag has a variety of prices. Then the seller even if the professional seller he may be a string of goods. Or the same quality of goods sold at different prices just!

Professional do top quality high fake bag sellers will never do low-end products!

Talk to the seller more. If you ask for information about any kinds of bags, the seller will not give you a professional explanation, but just say: “This is the original quality”, then do you think he/she knows the product information?


What channels can buy high knockoff bags?

Although the high fake bags industry is unable to sell in the name of high imitation on Taobao, JD and other platforms. But through the news of selling fake goods on various platforms in recent years. We know that fake goods can be sold as genuine goods!!

There are also many live streaming platforms like TikTok, and there are also many Internet celebrities who will sell some high-end quality bags under the name of discounted authentic products. Usually costing thousands to tens of thousands more. Xiaohongshu APP, Weibo and other platforms are all source channels for agent sellers, and then sell through personal Wechat.

The quality and price vary greatly. For friends who just want to buy a high knockoff bags. It is difficult to find the right price and quality “manufacturers”

Here I have selected the bag manufacturers with top quality and no reliable purchasing channels. If necessary, please add the customer service Wechat:Zoey__1112 or WhatAPP:+8613966264753. If you have Wechat you can scan the QR code below. Wish you all a pleasant shopping trip.


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