Gucci 1955 Horsebit bags

Gucci 1955 horsebit bags replica and genuine products comparison


Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag is a must-have item for early fall 2019. Classic clasp design and brown hook design, full retro to give a bright feeling! This bag uses the most classic clamshell bag shape, atmospheric and versatile.

The leather GG Supreme canvas is classy and retro. The shoulder strap of the bag is very easy to use, and the shoulder strap is very distinctive. With additional metal buckles that can be removed and replaced, there are three ways to carry it: across the shoulder, with a short shoulder strap and single shoulder strap. Model NO : 602204, size: 25x18x8cm.



Gucci 1955 horsebit bags China official website price how much?

As one of Gucci’s iconic elements, The Horsebit Bag clasp design once again proves the cycle of fashion. Horsebit is still one of the hot style on the Gucci website and is a popular on the genuine counters. On Gucci’s official website in China, the canvas saddle bag is priced at $3,800. The top-of-the-line reproductions costs around $427 out of the factory, or $850- $1700 if you buy it from an agent. It is important to note that these are top-of-the-line reproductions.


What’s the difference between the top-notch Gucci Horsebit Bags and the genuine products?

Leather: purchase leather from Gucci leather supplier in Italy, and the same grade, the same attribute, the same color and texture of leather. The picture below is a real shot contrast picture of the original leather. We can see that the gloss, texture and color of the original leather are exactly the same as the original sample. And ordinary high imitation leather is generally won’t have the same luster, leather texture is also very different.



Hardware: To create a state-of-the-art Version of the Gucci Horsebit, in addition to sourcing original leather, you also need hardware that is exactly the same as the real thing. Size, luster, color, density (quality), composition and production process of these links to fully consistent with the real thing, and leather factory is unable to conquer the technical problem, so the factory after buy authentic samples, the hardware will be disassembled to domestic top precision metal processing plant, processing by these factories produce high quality hardware, hardware cost can be higher, of course.


Craft: first-class leather and exquisite hardware, if there is no powerful craft and advanced manufacturing equipment, there is no way to see such a perfect replica. So the process is the core of production. The following picture is a real comparison between the top high imitation and the original. By comparison, I believe you can see that the top copy is the original with a similarity of up to 90%. Size version is completely consistent, leather around symmetrical, cutting texture and genuine is exactly the same. Fine things are all about details.

So it’s very expensive to make a replica bag that can stand the test. So you want to spend the least money to buy high-quality replicas, you can add customer service whatsapp: +8613966264753 or Wechat: Zoey__1112 scan the following QR code


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