Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Is it good to buy a fake bag for 500 dollar? louis vuitton Pochette Metis interpretation

Would you like to own a Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis? At the time when you most want to own a luxury bag, you may not be able to afford the genuine products. Because you may have just started working, or your family need to spend a lot of expenses. The idea of owning a luxury bag may seem extravagant to you. Many people ask why they should buy a luxury bag. There is an article on this issue that goes into great detail. Click here to see the article.

$400- $500 for a highly imitation luxury bag, if the seller is the manufacturer, this price point is the highest grade bag. But the style is not much, and the average buyer is difficult to reach. If the seller is a wholesaler, the product is top-of-the-line and has almost all styles. If the seller is an agent, then this price bag is general grade.

The above prices are approximate prices, limited edition prices are slightly different. What many people are concerned about is whether the quality of a fake luxury bag can be seen as fake.

Let me show you a comparison picture of two different grades of the same high imitation bag, both of which are middle and high-end goods

louis vuitton Pochette Metis hardware accessories

The highest grade of Pochette Metis, hardware accessories are genuine as samples, making molds. Made by high tonnage machine die casting, polishing and other precision hardware processing procedures. Size, color, luster and so on are consistent with the genuine, not easy to scratch and fade. And the common version of hardware equipment requirements are not so high, will not fade depends on the thickness of electric coating, hardness is not high, easy to scratch.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis leather

Leather also makes a difference. High-grade imitation leather absorbs light just like the genuine Products. Monogram canvas is used for Louis Vuitton, and the folding part is evenly bent. The bottom pattern is centered and symmetrical. And the general grade of imitation will be more like plastic leather  easily reflective. The leather is common imitation leather, the bottom pattern is slightly inclined and flat.

The difference of inner material is more obvious. The picture on the right is suede and sanded leather, with delicate and soft feel. Drawing for ordinary abrasive leather feel rough hard. The needle and thread part is also one of the skills. There is a certain distance between each needle, and each needle will have a certain tilt.

The monogram of the genuine products is lighter and more uniform. The size and depth of the letters on the left are different from the monogram of the original. The genuine letters above the letters are also very elegant. The letter A is slightly larger than the letter next to it, with A sharp edge at the top. The root of the last stroke of the letter “R” is attached to the entire font. Many imitation manufacturers are separate. The upper part of the letter S curved significantly smaller than the lower part. Generic grade imitations are of equal size.

There are plenty of details to compare. Here is not a list, after the update of the new article and then gradually introduced.

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